Site Formation Tragedy

27 Mar

Site formation processes are of great interest to archaeologists. So much that we often excitedly talk about past tragedies for their resulting “perfect preservation.” Sites like Pompeii or Ozette on the Washington coast reflect moments frozen in time. Such “moments” are good for archaeologists, but generally catastrophic and/or fatal for the people involved.


This was tragically apparent after this week’s mudslide near Oso (northeast of Seattle) in my home state of Washington. Though we recognize our shared humanity with the victims of ancient “Pompeii events”, this mudslide hits a lot closer to home; people are still missing, friends and relatives are still grieving.


If you are able to financially contribute to the Mudslide Relief Campaign through the Washington State Combined Fund Drive, please do so. (And beware of scammers capitalizing on people’s generosity).

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