Creation Myths and the Cosmos

4 Apr

Evidently, Biblical literalists are upset that Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey introduces the Big Bang and evolution without giving equal time to “alternative” explanations. The difficulty, of course, is that pseudoscientists never think of themselves as such, but as a suppressed (but vocal!) minority view. Many of us spend time arguing why “teaching the controversy” in science classes – or on science shows – is not warranted (because there is no scientific controversy). Amanda Marcotte at Alternet has an intriguing solution: Why not take an anthropological perspective and devote one episode of Cosmos to creation myths…all of them? That way everyone can be offended by having their literally-true-in-all-respects origin lumped in with the obviously-culturally-constructed stories of other cultures. I’m not sure if that would make anyone happy, but it would be illuminating to watch!

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