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What Halloween Masks

31 Oct

Thoughtful anthropological analysis of this holiday from Cindy Dell Clark and AAA.

Scientists engage in civil disobedience, share copyrighted papers

27 Oct

Why Evolution Is True

I can’t say that I’m encouraging this activity as that would be encouraging scientists to break the law, but I will call your attention to a piece in The Atlantic describing a new development. Scientists, or anyone, can now request paywalled academic papers on Twi**er, and authors or others who have the paper (you surely have to use Twi**er to see the request) can respond by sending the pdf file to the requestor.  Added bonus: the hashtag is cat-related. An excerpt:

Most academic journals charge expensive subscriptions and, for those without a login, fees of $30 or more per article. Now academics are using the hashtag #icanhazpdf to freely share copyrighted papers.

Scientists are tweeting a link of the paywalled article along with their email address in the hashtag—a riff on the infamous meme of a fluffy cat’s “I Can Has Cheezburger?” line. Someone else who does have access to the article downloads a pdf of the paper…

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Bayira, an ancient Ethiopian skeleton, provides the earliest African genome

15 Oct