Between The Knots, Untying The Mystery Of Incan Khipus

4 Jan

Khipus are an ancient language system in the form of wool or cotton strings with knots. There is an intricate relationship between the knots, the where the type and location of the knot denotes meaning. The way the khipus’ are woven with colored strands and twisted together also add a layer of meaning. We have about 900 khipus discovered to date, and a very rudimentary understanding of them. There is even a Harvard database to document and compare them, but the context of this language system has largely been lost… Until recently.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 8.07.14 AM Khipus before it has been cleaned and untangled. Credit William Neuman/The New York Times

At a site called Incahuasi, about 100 miles south of Lima, Peru, researchers have been excavating 29 khipus right in the very place where they were used… An agricultural processing place, where it seems they were used as accounting books. The khipus were found…

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