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Applying Anthropology for a Safer World

20 Apr

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Claim our bodies, claim our right,
Take a stand, take back the night!

Across the globe, the month of April is a time for communities to mobilize Take Back the Night rallies, Clothesline Project demonstrations, anti-violence marches, speak-outs and fundraisers.  Their slogans reflect a continued call for a safer world during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

However, despite decades of research, activism, and policy efforts, there is little evidence to suggest that rates of sexual assault are decreasing.  In particular, campus sexual violence has emerged as a threat to the health and well-being of college-aged women, a trend that affects all of us at a societal level.

As an anthropologist, my goal in examining cultural practices is to make the strange familiar- and the familiar strange.  And campus sexual violence is a phenomenon that has become uncomfortably familiar.

Working from the central tenets of anthropology- understanding cultural systems holistically with attention…

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5 Questions with Archaeologist Dr. Beth Horton

17 Apr

Northwest Cultural Resources Institute

How would you describe the work you do at Fort Vancouver NHS?

As an archaeologist with the National Park Service, I work within Cultural Resource Management (CRM), which means I help the park meet its regulatory compliance needs for cultural resources. I make sure that for any activities we undertake, potential impacts to significant resources are thoroughly considered during the planning process. This includes finding and documenting archaeological sites, historic buildings, and other structures, such as wells, earthworks, and culturally modified trees, as well as determining the significance of these resources. I am lucky enough to also undertake archaeological research projects, and assist other parks with their CRM needs throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Horton excavates a privy underneath the Artillery Barracks building in Vancouver Barracks Dr. Horton excavates a privy underneath the Artillery Barracks building in Vancouver Barracks

What is your background, and how did you get interested in archaeology?

I grew up in Lexington, MA, and as I kid I read…

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